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Anniversary Sale!!

In October I celebrated the end of my sixth year in business – to say that I feel blessed to be earning money doing something I love is an understatement. I just love watching the children of my regular clients grow each year and love meeting so many wonderful new families each year as well. This holiday season many of my original clients were missing teeth – so much fun to see – the time really flies by so quickly – that’s why it’s important to capture your kiddos on camera often!

To celebrate my anniversary and give everyone a chance to lock in rates before they increase next year I am offering the last sale of the year. Buy a discounted full session or 2 hour party and get a mini session free (free minis cannot be gifted and must be used on scheduled mini days). Photo sessions make great gifts – if you are purchasing a full session as a gift and need a gift certificate sent to you please let me know in the comments when you check out! You can also purchase discounted mini sessions with either 12 files or all below. Both full session and mini session rates will go up Jan 1st so lock in current prices at a discount now!

Thank you to everyone who has entrusted me with their memories over the years – looking forward to watching your families continue to grow in the coming years!

Discounted full session or party + free mini w/12 files!


Discounted mini w/12 files!** (may purchase 3 max)


Discounted mini w/all files!** (may purchase 2 max)


**Please note that all mini sessions must be used on scheduled mini days – normally done in spring (mar/apr), summer (june/july) and fall (sept-nov)


My little stinkeroo,

I put you to bed tonight for the last time as a three year old and am more than a little sad at how fast the time goes. Seems like just yesterday you were a tiny little guy and now you just want to be bigger and faster and I am scared that soon you will be too big to stop and snuggle your mama. This year has been an eventful one for you with lots of changes. We moved into a new house before Christmas and moved you into a twin bed in a new big boy room – your mama stressed about it for weeks beforehand but you made the transition like a champ – sleeping through the night in your new bed from day one and you even wait for us to come get you in the morning. You moved into the big boy room at school too and once again I worried and once again you proved what an amazing little guy you are and took it in stride. While I know you miss your friends in the teal room, you have already made new friends in your new room and have the new routine down. You have another big change coming in November when your baby sister arrives but you excitedly tell everyone about your sister’s upcoming arrival and I have no doubt that you will be a great big brother.

You are still obsessed with trains and cars and will spend hours entertaining yourself at your train table or lining up cars to make a traffic jam. You love to play pirates and pretend – you have an amazing imagination and are always telling us great stories. You love watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and have recently gotten into Veggie Tales. You are a happy guy – always singing and dancing and playing. You are a great errand runner and never complain when we are out for hours making multiple stops – people are always commenting to us how well behaved you are. Your favorite people remain the same – Grandma and Papa are close runners up to mama and your best friend (as you call him :P) dada and you just love playing with your cousins. We welcomed Aaron and Alyssa into the family over the past year and you took to them immediately and are always asking to go play with them after school. The last four years have been the best of my life – watching you grow from baby to toddler to boy has been amazing and I look forward to whatever the next year brings.

Mama and dada love you so much – Happy Birthday sweet boy <3













Fall Minis 2014!!

Hi all! Fall/holiday minis are early this year and I am not doing very many – want to make sure I can get everything out before baby comes:)Use the links below to purchase your slot!

Saturday, Sept 13th – Holmby

Time desired

Saturday, Sept 20th – Malaga Cove Library

Time desired

Sunday, Sept 21st – Malaga Cove Library

Time desired

Saturday, Sept 27th (morning) – UCLA

Time desired

Saturday, Sept 27th (afternoon) Los Encinos

Time desired

Sunday, Sept 28th (Holmby)

Time desired

Saturday, Oct 4th – Howlett park

Time desired

Saturday, October 11th – Holmby park

Time desired

Saturday, October 18th – Holmby park

Time desired

Father’s Day Sale!!

Dad’s love pictures too!! A gift certificate for pictures with the kids makes a great Father’s Day gift:)From now until Friday at 11:59pm you can purchase up to two discounted minis with all files included or up to two discounted full sessions (or 2 hour parties) for yourself or a gift. This is the LAST sale before the holiday portrait season so don’t miss out!! Sessions can be gifted – let me know if you need a gift certificate for a session you are purchasing:)

Discounted full session w/20 files or two hour party


Contact me with questions or concerns!!

Santa Monica Beach Minis!!

I am separating out the beach minis this year because Santa Monica gets too busy during the later summer months. Below are the links to sign up for a mini at Santa Monica pier – the Manhattan Beach minis will be mid-late July and possibly early August.

When: Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 8th
Cost: $100 for a 30 min session and 12 full resolution files yours to download

Minis are for up to 5 people – immediate family only and must be pre-paid to hold your spot. They are non-refundable except in the event you can’t make a rain reschedule. Email with questions or concerns!

Saturday, May 31st


Sunday, June 8th

I may add a few more spots if these fill and there is more interest:)